Music Videos

A selection of PV's from Naomi's solo work and with AJ Unity.





"Pray for you "


"Harder and Faster "


"Harder and Faster"


"Kaguya "


"A song for you"


"Mokuren no Namida"


"Japan matsuri song Ibuki "


"Inochi no Uta"


"Ohkina Kaze" 


 "Our song" - at Houses of parliament 




"Charity Concert in Nepal"


"Smile at me"


"Our Song"

"Sukiyaki " - Live at the Houses of parliament


Naomi sings National Anthem at Japan official baseball game for Rakten


"New York live documentary"




"Our Song" - Kumamoto earthquake charity




 AJ Unity




"KAGUYA" - feat. RYOMA


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