Music Videos

A selection of PV's from Naomi's solo work and with AJ Unity.





"Pray for you 2021 remix"English Version


"Pray for you 2021 Remix Japanese version

"Pray for you"

"Harder and Faster"


"Harder and Faster "


"Kaguya "


"A song for you"


"Mokuren no Namida"


"Japan matsuri song Ibuki "


"Inochi no Uta"


"Ohkina Kaze" 


 "Our song" - at Houses of parliament 




"Charity Concert in Nepal"


"Smile at me"


"Our Song"

"Sukiyaki " - Live at the Houses of parliament


Naomi sings National Anthem at Japan official baseball game for Rakten


"New York live documentary"




"Our Song" - Kumamoto earthquake charity




 AJ Unity




"KAGUYA" - feat. RYOMA


 Ito &Inochi no Uta with Orchestra