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Throughout the year Naomi will be appearing/performing at various engagements, events and festivals around the world. Please check back regularly for added dates and venues.


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28th March

New Single "Smile at me 2022"

feat.Wakana & Ram

Smile at me2022 .jpeg


19th Sep


UN77 Celebration Music Festival for SDGs


29th April

Presented by MUSIC for SDGs 

Please watch from 3:14:00


27th March

Tonga Charity


スクリーンショット 2022-09-15 17.43.26.png



New Single "Pray for you 2021 Remix 

released Jan 20 Hit No,1 Position of "Kings of Spins"

English version​

2010 - present

Japanese version

2021.3.11 10th Memorial Japan Earthquake Streaming event

●最終10th memorial. 縦.黒瀬 nobu メルアドさんturboc



New single “ Pray for you”(Japanese version)

Released on 26th Sep 

Japan Matsuri Streaming 

27th (Sun) Sep 12:55~

"NAOMI’S WONDERLAND” Produced by Naomi Suzuk








15th Aug ~31st Aug
A charity ONLINE concert for recent heavy rainfall disasters in Japan
Please help!


"Harder and Faster"

Hit No,1 position on US chart “ Kings of spins” 




NHS Support Charity ON LINE Concert

※Donated £3530 to ”NHS charities together”


VIdeo Click here

NAOMI_S WONDERLAND 祭り2文字入り .jpeg
Pray for you 1 .jpg
Harder and Faster_s.jpg

2010 - present

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Naomi will sing National  Anthem for a professional baseball game for Soft Bank Hawks vs Hanshin Tigers in Japan



12th - 14th

Hyper Japan 2019 

Naomi will be singing the Rugby World Cup Anthem, World in Union on the HYPER JAPAN Live! Stage.

●12th Fri July  On stage 14:15-14:45 /  Meet&Greet 14:45-15:15
●13th Sat July On Stage 11:45-12:15 /  Meet&Greet 12:15-12:45






















UK-Japan Bridge Together

Tickets On Sale Now!


A live performance at Cadogan Hall with James Taylor Quartet and Mari Natsuki  


A very special and unique concert featuring a wonderful coming together of British and Japanese music. The repertoire will consist of well-known and much-loved Japanese songs each especially re-arranged and performed by the critically acclaimed UK jazz-funk band the James Taylor Quartet.

We are also honoured to present an exclusive performance by special guest Mari Natsuki from Japan.

There will also be a traditional Japanese Daikagura juggling performance by Michiyo Kagami and BBC New Comedy Award-winning comedian Yuriko Kotani to open the evening.
Don’t miss it !

Rugby World Cup Japan 2019.jpg
UK-Japan Bridge Together flyer
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Wednesday 2nd

Charity Concert for Japan earthquake and Tsunami 

30th April @CRS
Doot open7:30om Start 8pm  $20
123 4th Ave #2, New York, NY 10003

2nd May @The Shrine 7~8pm 
2271 Adam Clayton Powell Jr Blvd, New York, NY 10030

Rakugo : Ken Saito 
Guitar: Shu Odamura
Piano: Noah MacNeil
Drums: Yosuke 
Bass: Yoshiki Yamada


Tuesday 5th 

5th June Special Japanese Night - Green Note, 106 Parkway, London NW1 7AN
Doors open 7pm - Start time: 8pm




Sunday 30th

Japan Matsuri - Trafalgar Square, London

Let’s dance together Japan Matsuri Song IBUKI !! 

 Japan Matsuri Song IBUKI (Opening Ceremony)  10:00

Nostalgic J-POP SHOW (Showa Kayo Show) 15:15

Japan Matsuri Song IBUKI Evening slot 18:50‐18:55

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Thursday 18th

Naomi’s Japanese nostalgic fork music Party £20
Open 6:30pm Start  7:00

Sozai Cooking School 5 Middlesex Street, London E1 7AA 
Great Japanese Sake and Japanese foods included.
The event’s profit will be donated for affected areas of Japan earthquake. 





Sunday 24th

Japan Matsuri - Trafalgar Square, London


IBUKI  Japan Matsuri Song performance on Main Stage

10:20am  Opening ceremony 

①12:20  ②18:55  before finale


Naomi will sing Japanese animation film song “Your Name” and with Samurai and Kanfu performance.

①14:10  ②18:25

October - November


29th Oct - 10th Nov

Japan Tour



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Monday 14th


"The Unity Bridge Project”  

Memorial Concert for Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, Islington Assembly Hall, London


FREE Admission


Doors open 18.00 Start 19.00


Presented by Naomi Suzuki (Singer) with:


  • Joji Hirota Shakuhachi.Taiko

  • Diana Yukawa Violin

  • Hibiki Ichikawa Shamisen

  • Thames Daiko

  • Children from Fukushima Japan Nihonbuyo

  • Piano: Kyosuke Tokunaga Bass Hiroyuki Nishikawa, Drum Winston Clifford


FREE sake tasting 


FREE gift from Fukushima


"Please come and support us and help us keep up the good work!”


The driving principles of the "Unity Bridge Project" are "remembering those affected" and "gratitude for the support given." We are building a bridge of friendship between the givers and the receivers and aiming to make a bridge of hearts. We want to send a message to people in the affected areas, “We'll never forgotten you” ~ Top UK-based Japanese musicians are collaborating to offer traditional Japanese music with modern pop songs.


Children from the disaster area are coming to participate in the concert to show their gratitude. The concert will be streamed live to the rest of the world.


Supported by Japan Embassy, Japan Association in the UK, JCCI, London shakunagekai, Fukshima-minpo sha, Totteokino Ongakusai


Contact: Naomi Suzuki 07796-144-338 










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Saturday 25th

Japan Matsuri - Trafalgar Square, London


Japan Matsuri song IBUKI ①10:20  ②13:20  ③16:20  ④19:20 
Sing along, dance Japan Matsuri song together with Naomi!

NAOMI SUZUKI with her Band  17:50 
Naomi will sing Western Rock & Roll! Including songs from The Beatles, Rolling Stones and The Spiders with collaboration work by KARATE’s self-defense tool (trained by Katsumi Sakakura) with her dancers. Also Naomi will sing merry song called SMILE AT ME with “Merry Project” children’s smile umbrellas. Come together and Let’s pray for world peace.





Thursday 5th

Memorial Concert for Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, Houses of Parliament, London


You can watch the concert via ustream.


Read coverage of the event in English here





Saturday 27th

Japan Matsuri - Trafalgar Square, London


Let’s sing, dance, and star in the Japan Matsuri Song”IBUKI” music video together!
Naomi will be singing about our feelings for Japan for the whole world to hear and making Japan Matsuri song that everyone can sing and dance along to!!.

By all means, join in the fun and come and perform with us in the Japan Matsuri Song, "Ibuki", music video!!.

A music video will be shot as the song is performed on stage, so please come and dance with us! (12pm, 3pm and 6pm).



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Friday - Sunday 25th - 27th

Hyper Japan - Earls Court, London




Saturday 27th

Japan Matsuri - Trafalgar Square, London


Sunday 28th

Underbelly Hoxton - 11 Hoxton Square, Londo


















Saturday 4th

AniManga - Bristol


Thursday 23rd

Japan Tour Autumn




Wednesday 27th

A Kaleidoscope of Japan - A World culture association event

43 Lancaster Gate W2 3NA





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